Testimonials and ALF Core Training Results

CE Broker Satisfaction Rating: 5/5 Board of Nursing approved CEU Provider since 2006)

"Attorney whose experience is extensive. Who better to understand the Laws and Rules of the Governing Board"--R.N.

"Opened my eyes more to the everyday decision making and the need to always stay within ones own scope of knowledge."--Respiratory Therapist

"I actually was made aware of a few things I didn't realize previously.  Thank you."--R.N. and Respiratory Therapist

"Great course"--L.P.N.

Course rated 5/5--ALF Staff member

"All the information is well done."---AFCH Core Training/Owner

"Thank you for the opportunity to take your course.  It has enlightened me in many differeant facets of Nursing."---L.P.N.

"As a new R.N., I found this course to be very helpful."--R.N.

"Very easy to watch at home.  I enjoyed the laid back tone that was being used."--R.N.

"Rawsi, Excellent!!! I am so impressed and thankful for your promptness in reviewing all I sent to you and giving me such great analysis...it is beyond clear that you do a phenomenal job"--Iara Morton, PI Attorney


Anwers to Common Questions regarding Online ALF Core Training:

  • Our Online ALF Core Training is approved by the Florida Dept. of Elder Affairs, the ONLY agency in Florida which approves ALF Core Trainers by law  (Ms. Williams has been a state-approved ALF Core Trainer for a decade)
  • FALA is not licensed to approve ALF Core Trainers, it is a separate association also approved by the same FL Dept. of Elder Affairs to offer ALF Core Training. AHCA is the state agency which enforces the laws/rules for operating an ALF. AHCA does not approve/certify ALF Core Trainers

(Notice: If you have received a Notice/Discipline--or need to file an Appeal/Judicial Review-- from AHCA, APD, CMS, MAC, RAC, DCF, Nursing Board, Joint Comm., or other Healthcare Boards, CONTACT US  for a Free Telephone Consult)

Telephone Number:  305-503-8107

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