HAPPY DECEMBER 2018! You can now Self-Schedule Consulting Appointments! Click each Title for description and further information.

12/07/18/ @ 3PM EST: Health Care Facilities Self-Schedule a Regulatory Consulting Telephone Appointment with Attorney Williams for your License Issues with APD, AHCA, CMS, Medicaid, DCF, etc.). Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable. Up to 1 Hour Maximum.

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  • $ 250

1.  Select your Desired Time.

2.  Email/Fax any forms to Ms. Williams which she needs to review prior to the appointment:

A) up to 10 pages maximum TOTAL, not per form.  One side equals one page. 

B) Fax to 786-999-0993; email to rawsi@rawsi.com. 

C)  NO forms will be reviewed, nor any feedback/response given if the appointment has not been paid prior to faxing/email. 

3.  Call our office at your appointment time:  1-888-RawsiLaw (1-888-729-7452).

4.  Calling late will not extend your appointment time.  Due to reserving the time for you, these appointments are not transferable to another facility nor refundable.

5.  These appointments are for health facilities licensed and/or inspected/surveyed by AHCA, CMS, APD, Board of Nursing, Joint Commission, Medicaid, DCF.  If you have received Disciplinary Action (Election of Rights Notice of Intent, Moratorium, Suspension, Revocation, Administrative Complaint, Denial, Investigation, Demand/Request to submit documents, etc.) you need to call our office immediately, because that is a Legal Matter which requires immediate attention, not a regulatory consulting matter).