Combination: Online Adult Family Care Home Core Training and 2018 Facility Starter Kit: (Kit Ships in 25 Calendar Days)

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1) This copyrighted Kit is in high demand, and has been utilized by many new and existing facilities to prepare--and remain ready--for Survey/Inspections! This customized Starter Kit is currently published for ALFs, Adult Family Care Homes, APD homes, and Adult Day Care Centers.  The Kit is customized with the Facility's name and address.  Because it is copyrighted, all manuals contain Rawsi Williams Law Group information and copyright.  

2) This elite Starter Kit contains the following: 1) Survey Organizer, 2) current Regulation/Survey Tags; 3) General Policy and Procedure Manual; 4) General Starter Forms and customized Admission Agreement; 5) Medication Observation Record book for up to 10 residents (this form is allowed to be copied for additional residents);  6) Ten Resident Records with organizer/table of contents in each record (additional packages of 5 can be ordered); 7) Ten Personnel Files with organizer/table of contents (additional packages of 5 can be ordered); 8) Quality Assurance/Risk Management (QA/RM) Binder and Log/contents organizer; 9) Grievance Binder and Log/contents organizer, and 10) Medication/Pill Book.

3) The cost INCLUDES the Shipping and Handling fees.  The Starter Kit is shipped in 25 calendar days of your purchase, via USPS Confirmed Mail.  Because the Starter Kit is customized with your facility's name and address and cannot be utilized for another facility, there are no refunds/returns. However, orders can be cancelled in writing within 72 business hours of purchase for full refund.  There are no exceptions. (We have not experienced any returns, but are required to include that policy for  terms/conditions).

4) If you desire RUSH Shipping  (shipment in 10 calendar days of the Order), do NOT purchase this option.  Instead, purchase the RUSH Shipment option.

5) If you need additional Resident or Personnel records, purchase that option separately.  You must first have purchased the Starter Kit to be eligible to purchase additional records.


 Adult Family Care Home (AFCH)  CORE TRAINING 

This power packed 12 hour course meets the required training to open/operate an Adult Family Care Home (AFCH).  This license is ONLY granted for caring for up to 5 people (residents) in your PRIMARY residence (the home where you live).  Effectively covering Law and Rule, resident admissions, continued residency, staffing, training, dietary, space requirements, resident records, facility records, and more, it prepares you to successfully operate your Adult Family Care Home.  Please notice this is NOT the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Core Training.  The printable/downloadable Training Manual is included within the course.  Enroll Today.

  Enjoy your course!

 (Ms. Williams also offers Start-Up Consulting.)