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Online Inservice Training SERIES (10 separate courses: All courses listed on the certificate).

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This Power-Packed series meets your staff's inservice training requirements--excluding courses which MUST be completed live for return demonstration (e.g., Assistance with Self Administered Medications and CPR).  The title of each course is listed on the Certificate.  Staff do not have to complete the courses at once, but can log-in and out for the 30 day period as many times as desired to complete the training.  (All courses will expire and training information lost if not completed 30 days from the date of purchase.)


1.  Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (1 Hr)

2.  Bloodborne Pathogens (1 Hr)

3.  Comprehensive Emergencies and Major and Adverse Incidents (1 Hr)

4.  Do Not Resuscitate/Advance Directives (1Hr)

5.  Elopement (1 Hr)

6.  Resident Rights (1 Hr)

7.  Resident Needs, Behaviors, and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) (3Hrs)

8.  Safe Food Handling (1 Hr)

9.  Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders I (ADRD Level I)

10.  Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders II (ADRD Level II)